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Cowpathy Sambrani Havan Cups | Cow Dung Dhoop | Pack of 12 cups

Cowpathy Sambrani Havan Cups | Cow Dung Dhoop | Pack of 12 cups

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Sambrani havan cups are in demand day by day due to their outstanding fragrance. However, customers face challenges when they do not get the desired quality they look out for. Cowpathy has noted the gap and is presenting the best in the market Sambrani Havan Cups for daily use. Cow dung used in this product is procured from old and non milking indegenous cows.


  • Cow dung
  • Cow urine
  • Cow ghee
  • Natural resins
  • Essential oils for aroma

How to use

Hold the cup from the bottom. Lit the rim of the cup over a lamp or candle and hold for over 30 seconds. The entire upper rim of the cup should be burnt. 

Cowpathy Sambrani Havan Cups are the perfect choice for individuals seeking an authentic and pure way to connect with their spirituality. Create a sacred space at home, enhance your daily rituals, or make special occasions even more memorable with the soothing aroma and positive energy of these unique Havan Cups.

Order Cowpathy Sambrani Havan Cups today and embrace the timeless tradition of Vedic rituals with purity and serenity. Elevate your spiritual journey with every cup you light.

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