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Honey 500 GM

Honey 500 GM

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Aansh Herbals Bee Honey is possibly the best form of Honey you would get in the market today, This honey is healthy and keeps you fit as it has no adulteration and no added sugar. Buy this honey today and experience what real honey should taste like.


We are trying to address one of the popular myth that has been around us for quite some time now.

Myth - "Honey which freezes is adulterated or bad quality"

You might have come across to some honey which are frozen during summers as well. Consumers often classify those honey as bad and not good for consumption however that is not true. Rather it will be correct to say that it is a sign of a pure honey. Every natural honey has the tendency to freeze. Process of freezing is also known as Crystallization. A crystalised honey is rather the best amongst all other honey. This process of being crystallization helps honey last longer, in other words, crystallization helps increase the shelf life of a honey.

The same properties of crystallization also applies to Aansh Herbals Honey therefore we want our buyers to be aware that this Honey may freeze however this does not mean at all that this honey is adulterated or not good for consumption.

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