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Prakriti Punarnavadi Gomutra Capsules - 90 Capsules

Prakriti Punarnavadi Gomutra Capsules - 90 Capsules

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Prakriti Punarnavadi Gomutra Capsules help in liver detoxification, blood purification, and digestion. Being a preparation of cow urine, an embodiment of goodness helps in invigorating mentally, physically, and spiritually. Triphala capsules is beneficial in heart diseases, high blood pressure, effective in mental illnesses, fat loss, stomach problems, mental and physical strength, and strengthening body immunity.

Punarnavadi Gomutra Ghan Capsules Dosage

    Take two capsules twice a day with 30 ml Punarnava Ark and equal amount of plain water twice a day or as directed by vaidya.

    Punarnavadi Gomutra Ghan Capsules Ingredients

    • Gomutra kshar
    • Punarnava
    • Harad
    • Baheda
    • Makoy
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