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Shat Dhaut Ghrita 15 GM

Shat Dhaut Ghrita 15 GM

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Shat Dhaut Ghrit is an ayurvedic ointment which is prepared as per "Charak Samhita". The procedure of making Shat Dhaut Ghrita is to take Desi Cow Ghee in a copper vessel. Cold water is added to the cow ghee and rubbed vigorously till the water become slightly warm. Water is extracted carefully without the loss of ghee and then the cold water is added again to the previously washed ghee and then this process is repeated 100 times.

Shat Dhauta Ghrit Ingredients:
Desi Cow Ghee washed 100 times with cold water

Shat Dhauta Ghrit Uses:
Useful in psoriasis, eczema, piles, cracked heals & palms burning sensation foot sole and other skin diseases. Do not apply on lips. For external use only.

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