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Panchagavya Sugandh Dhoop Batti - 15 Sticks

Panchagavya Sugandh Dhoop Batti - 15 Sticks

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Switch from harmful agarbatti to Prakriti Panchagavya Cow Dung Dhoop Batti which is made from Pure Indian breed Cow's dung mixed with essential herbs to give you a carbon and chemical free air. ordinary agarbatti has bamboo which is not cosnidered as good for health upon being burnt whereas Sugandh Cow Dung Dhoop batti promise on delivering the best ever chemical free experience to you and your loved ones. Herbs in Panchagavya Cow Dung Dhoop kill germs and harmful bacteria in the air.

प्रकृति पंचगव्य धूप देसी गाय के गोबर अथवा कुछ लाभदायक जड़ी बूटी के मिश्रण से बनी है | पंचगव्य धूप पूर्णतः हानिकारक रसायन से मुक्त है |

Panchagavya Cow Dung Dhoop has Gomay, Loban, Hauber, Jatamansi, Coconut Oil, Desi Ghrit, Raal, Jaw, Rice.

प्रकृति पंचगव्य धूप में गोमय, लोबान, हुबेर, जटामांसी, नारियल का तेल, देसी गाय का घृत, राल, जोऊ अथवा चावल का प्रयोग किया है |

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