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Prakriti Naitray Panchagavya Eye Drops 10 ML

Prakriti Naitray Panchagavya Eye Drops 10 ML

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Prakriti Naitray Panchagavya Eye Drops helps imprvove drishti (Eye Sight). It is made with high-quality cow urine of desi breed cows like Sahiwal, Haryana, Gir, and Tharparker. A fine composition with Punarnava, Desi Cow Urine, Neem, Rose, Amla, Dhaniya Sat, and Baheda.

This Eye Drop is useful in near and farsightedness, eye ache, blurred vision, dry eye, itchy eye, improves vision, and keeps eyes healthy


Eye Drops Dosage:

1-2 drops in both eyes twice or thrice a day

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