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Prakriti Desi Cow A2 Ghee 500 ML

Prakriti Desi Cow A2 Ghee 500 ML

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Prakriti Desi Cow A2 Ghee is a rasayan for the body. It is intact with nutrients and helps in balancing vat and pitta of the body. Now available in two variants:

Steel Vessel: This ghee is made in steel vessels and cooked using household cooking fuel. If you have bought this ghee earlier then this is the same ghee. No alluminium vessels are used during the entire process

Iron Vessel: This is the new ghee variant added. Only Iron vessels are used to boil the milk and cook the ghee along with cow dung cakes to fuel up the vessel. No alluminium vessels are used during the entire process.

Uses of Bilona Ghee:

  • Regular consumption of this ghee has a great anti-ageing effect on the body. Use it on chapattis, in the warm milk, in your sabzi, dal, kheer etc. to make it delicious and healthy. It increases Ojas of body
  • Oil your navel with the ghee to get brilliant moisturized lips. This also helps in keeping your stomach soft
  • Massage your soles with this ghee at night to get a deep and divine sleep. Use a brass or copper vessel to massage your soles with ghee. This relieves from muscular distress
  • Massage your face with some drops of ghee to improve skin texture and give radiance to skin, especially below the eyes
  • Ghee strengthens heart, increases energy and improves digestion. It is beneficial in diabetes, high bad cholesterol, low immunity, cancer and elevated pitta
  • Agnihotra from this pure Desi cow ghee is auspicious and helps in removing negativity from your house. It also improves air quality by increasing oxygen levels
  • Put 2-3 drops of this ghee in your both nostrils to get rid of stress, headache, weak eyesight, ear problems, low concentration and memory. Just remember to avoid this when it is cloudy and when you are suffering from cough and cold

Prakriti uses the ancient vedic way to prepare bilona ghee. Prakriti ghee is made from the milk of pure Indian Cow breed of Sahiwal and Haryana. The process of preparation goes through the traditional method of first converting milk into curd and then churning with mathani to get makhhan and then finally boiling it to get the pure ghee. At Prakriti Nutan Vann gausadan cows and calves are given naturally grown fodder. This ghee will add taste to your dishes as well and impart health to your family.

Note: Few brown particles might settle at the bottom of ghee container. These are small burnt particles of ghee formed while heating makkhan since, Prakriti does not use plastic sieve to filter hot ghee. These adds mild nutty flavour to ghee.

This product complies with FSSAI certification.

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