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Gotirth Ayurvedic Blood Pressure Normalizer Ghanvati 40 Vati

Gotirth Ayurvedic Blood Pressure Normalizer Ghanvati 40 Vati

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Gotirth BP Norm Ayurvedic Ghanvati is specially made with Gomutra Ark prepared for people suffering from irregular blood pressure. BP Norm Ghanvati is useful in both, Low & High Blood Pressure and it should be consumed with Gotirth BP Norm Gomutra Ark. Gotirth BP norm Ghanvati helps in balancing low and high blood pressure, helps in mental stress and useful in nervous problems


B.P Norm Dosage:

10-15 ml twice a day mixed with equal quantity of honey or water or as directed by the physician. Suggested to be taken with B.P Norm Ghanvati (Tablets)

B.P Norm Ingredients:

Jatamansi, Sadabahar, Purified Cow Urine

Precaution with B.P Norm:

Pregnant or nursing women must consult with a vaidya. Do not take Gotirth B.P Norm Cow Urine Ark within 1 hour of consuming milk.

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