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Gavyadhara Natural & Instant Herbal Lemon Tea 100 grams

Gavyadhara Natural & Instant Herbal Lemon Tea 100 grams

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Experience the refreshing and cooling effects of Gavyadhara Natural & Instant Herbal Lemon Tea. Made from 18 natural herbs, this tea boasts a delicious lemon flavor and is a great way to balance vaat pitta and kapha. Simply prepare and enjoy the benefits of this expertly crafted tea.



  1. Arjun
  2. Nagarmotha
  3. Chitrakmool
  4. Saunf
  5. Tejpatta
  6. Shankhpushpi
  7. Sounth
  8. Mulethi
  9. Tulsi
  10. Dalchini
  11. Brahmi
  12. Kulanjan
  13. Kali Mirch
  14. Shital Chini
  15. Chhoti Ilayachi
  16. Laung
  17. Neembu Sat
  18. Mishri


How to prepare?

Take 1 glass of drinking water. Add 1-2 teaspoons of Gavyadhara Natural Herbal Lemon Tea and boil the water until it remains half. Filter the tea in a cup or glass and add sugar if needed. Enjoy the drink.


Tip: Cool down the tea and keep it in freezer for few hours. You can also enjoy it as an Ice Tea.

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