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Gavyadhara Herbal Black Mehendi 40 g | Chemical Free

Gavyadhara Herbal Black Mehendi 40 g | Chemical Free

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Gavyadhara Herbal Black Henna is a 100% Natural alternative to chemical full dyes and hair colors. It is completely free from harmful chemicals and preservatives.



  • Gives a natural black color, silkness, and shine to hair.
  • Keeps your hair soft delightfully manageable.


How to use

  • Cut the Gavyadhara Herbal Black Henna pouch put the powder in a bowl and add water to make a paste.
  • Apply the paste with a brush and thin toothed comb to the hair, from root to the top. Parting hair to branches, so that no hair remains untinted.
  • Let the hair absorb color thoroughly and go completely dry.
  • For the best results paste must remain on the hair for min. 45 minutes.
  • Then wash the hair with water until rinsing water becomes clear and entirely colorless.
  • Dry and set in the required style, natural shine appears on the hair.



Henna Leaves, Indigo Leaves, Coffee, Mosambi, Tulsi, Cow Dung Charcoal, Neem Leaves, Amla Powder, Bhringraj Powder


Note: Do not let the paste remain unused for long. As it reduces efficacy.

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