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Cowpathy Distilled Desi Cow Urine Ark 500 ml

Cowpathy Distilled Desi Cow Urine Ark 500 ml

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Cowpathy distilled cow urine is a multi beneficiary medicine that works on various health-related issues like low immunity, cholesterol, fatty liver, fever, colon congestion, etc.


  • Drinking - Mix 5 to 10 ml in a glass of water and drink empty stomach. Intake of lemon and salt with gomutra ark helps in the reduction of abdominal gas problems.
  • Bath - Take 20 ml in 20 liters of water. It strengthens your aura.
  • Sprinkling in hone - Take 20 ml in a 1-liter bottle of water. Sprinkle in the corners inside and outside the home and at the entrance.
  • Rinsing - Take an equal amount of water. Rub to clean fruits and vegetables in order to denature chemicals on the surface. Rinsing and rubbing as a mouthwash after brushing protects gums and teeth.
  • Swabbing - Take 10 ml in the cap, dip clean cotton, and clean wounds, acne, makeup, infection, or even on kitchen and operational table. Swabbing acts as sanitization.
  • Insecticide - Mix an equal amount with water and spray it on plants. It also acts as a fertilizer and boosts plant growth.


100% Indigenous distilled cow urine

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