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Nasorine Panchagavya Ghrita 15 ML

Nasorine Panchagavya Ghrita 15 ML

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Nasorine Panchagavya Nasal Drop is a highly effective Panchagavya Ghrita which cures all most all types of problems in your body above shoulders. Benefits of Panchagavya Ghrita are as follows:


  • Useful in dust allergy
  • Cures migraine
  • Reduces insomnia
  • Eliminates snoring and senselessness
  • Cures frequent nasal bleeding
  • Dissolves blood clots in brain
  • Highly useful in epilepsy. Its prolonged use cures the disease
  • Very useful in increasing concentration and mental strength
  • Decreases hyper activity in children
  • Useful in mirgi fits if taken with Tulsi Ark
  • Helpful in frequent cough and cold


Nasorine Dosage:

Take a bowl of water and heat upto luke warm. Now place Nasorine bottle in the bowl for 3-4 minutes. Put 2 drops in each nostril. Repeat twice in a day.


Nasorine is an authentic Panchagavya Ghrita with NO SIDE EFFECTS

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