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Gou Ganga Nandi Gomutra Ark 400 ML

Gou Ganga Nandi Gomutra Ark 400 ML

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Gou Ganga Nandi Ark is ayurvedic medicine fulfils the lack of seven dhatu which further helps in strengthening body. Fights sexual weakness and keeps digestion fit, good for hair and skin. Nandi Ark is made from urine of Indigenous breed bull's distilled urine, Shatavar and Ashwagandha. Nandi Ark is useful in weakness, infertility, and sexual disorders. Increases Ojas of body by replenishing sapt dhatu. Dosage same as Kachnar ark. Avoid alcohol, Smoking , spicy and oily food. Take simple boiled food by adding a spoon of Desi cow ghee in it.

Nandi Ark Dosage:

Take 10 to 15 ml twice a day with equal quantity of normal water, half an hour prior meals or as advised by your physician.

10 से 15 मिली सामान मात्रा में जल के साथ खाना खाने से आधा घंटे पहले इस औषधि का सेवन करें अथवा वैद्यानुसार सेवन करें |

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