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Vishuddh Deshi Khandsari 1 Kg (Tagar)

Vishuddh Deshi Khandsari 1 Kg (Tagar)

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Switch to a sweeter, better, and healthier alternative to sugar today. Bring home Pure Desi Khand processed from Sugarcane crystals. Desi Khand is good for health as it is not being processed with Sulphur. Unlike Sugar, Khand is not processed through a bleaching process which takes away the natural minerals and often leaves harmful chemicals.

Desi Khand is a raw unrefined natural sweetener in powder form which contains all useful minerals that your body needs. Remember you are never too late to move over a healthy lifestyle, So, move over Sugar and bring Desi Khand home.

Why should you choose Vishuddh Desi Khand?
  • No sulphur present, that means no synthetic sugar is added
  • Does not cause hyperacidity like synthetic sugar

NOTE: Being a natural product, this Khand does not contain any sort of chemical preservative or catalyst. You may experience sugarcane fibers and variation in color due to seasonal effects. Freshly prepared Khand comes absolutely white in color whereas its color changes from off-white to yellowish with time. Also, during the rainy and winter seasons, Khand tends to grab moisture from the air. This is a natural phenomenon associated with Khand and has no relation (direct or indirect) to the product's quality.

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