Refund & Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy:

  • The order shall be considered as completed if it returns due to wrong billing (address, phone number, name, etc.) information provided by the customer. 
  • 200% transportation or shipping charges will be charged as the cancellation fee in the above case.
  • The weight and price of the product shown in the image may differ from the actual price and weight of that product. However, the written description of the product will give you updated information regarding that product. We expect the customer to carefully read the product description before ordering any product. 

Refund Policy:

  • A cancellation fee (Convenience + Payment Gateway Fee) of 5% (of the refundable amount) will be charged in the event of cancellation in case the customer requests for refund into the bank, 3rd party wallets, or credit card account.
  • The customer is solely responsible for the information provided in the order. If the shipment returns due to incomplete or incorrect information such as shipping address, name, email, or phone number; the customer will be charged a forward and reverse shipment fee.
  • Suppose the payment mode is Cash-on-delivery and the order returns back due to incomplete or incorrect address details and/ or refusal of the order by the customer; the customer will be prohibited from placing future cash-on-delivery orders on our points of sale.
  • NO CANCELLATION FEE will be charged in case the customer requests for refund into his/ her Gaurashtra Account Wallet (Store Credit) which adjusts automatically on the next purchase, the user only pays the remaining amount to place the order.
  • If an order status is updated as delivered by the courier but the customer refuses the courier's delivery claim then all such disputes must be reported to Gaurashtra within 3 days from the date an order status is updated as delivered.
  • No refund shall be given if the customer refuses to accept the order once dispatched. Additional transportation charges will be levied to get the same order if it returns to the origin. Customers can request the same order again with additional transportation charges, post that this order will be forfeited and a refund shall not be given.
  • If the refund is given to the customer's account, the customer will be liable for the details provided. Gaurashtra will not be responsible and liable for a refund, partial or complete if bank account details (in which the customer has requested for refund) are found incorrect or inactive.
  • No refund or compensation of shipping charges in any form will be given by Gaurashtra to the customer in case the customer chooses delivery of items/ parcel/articles through means other than logistics services provided by Gaurashtra to ship an item/ parcel/ article.
  • Shipping or Delivery charges are tentative as it depends upon the weight of items in an order, which always happens in random combinations. Gaurashtra will neither charge the customer in case the actual shipping or delivery charges are higher than the delivery charges paid by the customer, nor Gaurashtra will refund any amount if the actual shipping charges are lower than the Delivery charges paid by the customer.
  • International Shipments: The customer will be responsible for furnishing all the requirements created by their local Customs. If the shipment returns back to Gaurashtra due to customer's negligence or delay in fulfilling the Customs requirements, the order will be considered as fulfilled and no refund or compensation in any form shall be given by Gaurashtra Enterprises to the customer.