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  • Triphala Churna

    Gaurashtra Triphala Churna

    3:2:1 ratio of Amla, Baheda and Harad respectively. A rare combination in the market. Highly useful in body detoxification and lowering blood glucose level.

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  • Gaurashtra Rakshak Dhoop

    Rakshak Cow Dung Dhoop

    One of our best selling dhoop due to non-habit forming fragrance. Customers love this product due to it's havan fragrance. It literally feels like you have performed havan in your space.

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  • Vedic Mathni Ghee

    Due to rising demand of Indian cow ghee, most of the manufacturers have installed machines for churning milk fat or dahi to meet the market demand, which is inevitable in any business. Gau Amritam is still managing to produce ghee with the age old traditional method of hath bilona. This is the reason, this ghee has excellent medicinal effects. We have seen a very rapid recovery in viral infections with this ghee (experientially).

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  • Gou Ganga Multani Mitti Scrubber Soap

    Gou Ganga Multani Mitti Scrubber Soap

    Lather soaps always contain some chemically made fatty acids to provide cleansing effect on your skin. Be it a natural soap or a fully commercial bar soap.

    But, there are soaps which do not produce lather and cleanse your skin even better than traditional bar soaps.

    Gou Ganga Multani Mitti Scrubber Soap is such a soap. You will be shocked to experience the freshness after using it for bath.

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  • Prakriti Takrarisht

    Prakriti Takrarisht

    Takrarisht is being manufactured by Prakriti Nutan Van Gausadan, Bulandshahar, Uttar Pradesh. It's main ingredient is the buttermilk of Indigenous A2 cows. It has a very cooling effect on your stomach. It is also tasty.

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  • Gaurashtra Cow Urine Floor Cleaner

    Gaurashtra Cow Urine Floor Cleaner

    If you use floors, you cannot ignore floor cleaners. You have two choices - one, hard chemical made floor cleaners; or two, harm-free floor cleaners like this product.

    This product is made from Indigenous Bharatiya breed A2 cow urine with 0% water. That means it is highly concentrated but not harmful for humans unlike chemically made phenyls.

    Only two capfuls for a bucket of water.

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